By Katherine Mills 

Hello, my dear music lovers. Welcome to the next installment to the Metronome Theory. You all know me well enough by now that I love sharing contemporary music artists with you.  I find it quite invigorating to share new talent. It certainly gives me immense pleasure to introduce to you, Stone White. This southern gentleman has a lot of soul and his performances pack a punch.  If you’re like me, enjoy artists like James Brown, Wilson Picket, Elvis, then you will love this man. I call him a southern gentleman because he is. He hails from Nashville Tennessee but he currently resides in Los Angeles, California where stars are born. Stone White comes from humble beginnings and he learned early on that he wanted to perform. His mom allowed him to watch the video of live performances of James Brown and he also listened to live albums of Elvis and other classic R&B men of soul as well as Country. He related to me that his mom used to work at a bar and she would bring him with her and he quickly learned if he danced for people he would earn candy money. Later as he grew he would mow lawns to earn money for buying record albums and CDs. I knew he was a kindred spirit of mine as he expressed himself about how much he loved music. He also is still a fan of shows like The Midnight Special, In Concert, Don Kushner’s Rock Concert and many other music and dance shows of the day.  That’s how people like me know we had good TV back in the day because even if we could not see our favorite artists live we saw them on TV.  I wish the young people of the day had that luxury that we did because some of the performances we saw were unforgettable like when Red Bone a Native American band performed their song Come and Get Your Love. This song is now popular again because of the Guardian of The Galaxy movie franchise. Stone and I just talked about stories like that because that is what influenced him as a young person and helped to grow a passion that he shows every time he performs or put out a video. He learned from the masters about how having a presence on stage is just as important as the performance. 

People need to be entertained. Stone is what I call the total package. His music and live shows take you back to a time when music was pure and real. He reminds us of the nine-piece soul and blues bands that brought the funk and soul. He is no one trick pony by any means. He not only is soulful and funky he has the spirit of a rock and country artist flowing through his bones as well as a fantastic dancer.  You can tell he works hard on his craft and every part of what he does has been carefully thought out and he does not put out anything unless it is just right.  Stone evokes memories and he creates new experiences with a sense of nostalgia in his music. His experience in the theater also shines through with his performance. This man will execute precise movement as well as style to his action-packed shows without offending anyone by over-sexualizing anyone. In fact, he says if you are good at what you do profanity and over sexualization is not necessary. In other words, your talent speaks for itself. My interview with Stone White has been one of the most enjoyable with this true down to earth man. I just simply adore him. I hope you will jump on in and support this artist that I really do love .The incomparable Stone White. Now my dear music lovers this is the part I love to do and that is share where you can get more information and see Stone in action. Thanks for your support and I wish you Love, Peace, and more good Music. 

By Katherine Mills 


Stone White band and crew