My Story

When I was a kid, my Mama and I moved around from place to place. She was working a lot, so I had to find other ways to have some fun. When I was 5, I started performing in my Mama’s bar, standing on tables singing Elvis songs (with full on hip and leg gyrations) for candy tips! I was HOOKED. Singing and dancing made me feel HAPPY and connected to perfect strangers. Wherever there was music, I felt at home. The first thing you’ll probable notice when listening to my music is the variety of sounds and influences. Although as a vocalist I would classify myself as a blues singer, I love to dance and bring funk, rock and pop sounds.  When I was growing up, like many people I went through different phases and musical taste; from county music and Elvis at a very young age (mothers influence) to rock & roll as a young teen (friends influence) to funk and R&B (change of schools and friends) to blues (work friends). I still greatly enjoy and have an appreciation for all types of music. I started acting in junior high school and played in my first cover band in my late teens. I played in several bands singing old R&B, blues, country, 50’s music and rock. 

After a few years of singing in cover bands and writing songs I released an independent CD of all original songs called “Someday, Someway” that was voted best independent release in the Nashville Scene magazine reads poll. Prompting the reviewer to write “Someday, Someway” is an eclectic blend of Southern Rock, Country Blues and Pop with a little something for everybody”. I was also voted third in the “Best Male Vocalist” category (behind Vince Gill and Garth Brooks) and third in “Best Songwriter” (behind Vince Gill and Bobby Green). While playing clubs, I also acted in commercials and independent films, and started a theatre company. It quickly became obvious I was taking on too much, so I decided to focus my energy on the theatre company and independent films; producing and directing over 60 plays and writing, directing and acting in shorts and three feature films. Over the years, I have also acting in over 50 different productions (including one-man shows), written 12 produced plays and toured with the theatre company in 15 states. 

But I missed my first love and returned to music. One day I was feeling inspired, picked up the guitar, dusted it off and in about 30 minute wrote my first song in seven years “Angels Don’t Let Me Down”; and I knew I had to do music again. I went to work writing, recording and dancing; returning full circle to the music I first performed with bands - Blues, Rock, Funk and R&B/Soul; which has led to the release of two albums in three months, the all originals “Groove Thang” CD and the more bluesy “People Get Ready” covers CD which will include many of my favorite songs to sing and perform. I will be releasing several videos and performing over the next year to support the CDs. Be sure to join the email list (and get FREE downloads) so you will not miss new videos, music, shows and free stuff. I hope to meet you somewhere on the road; and hope that you enjoy my music as much as I enjoy creating and performing it for you!



“The explosive brass sections, bombastic lead vocals, and vocal screeching from White culminate into a sound so unlike anything else in the indie scene right now. ‘Groove Thang’ is undoubtedly one of the best independent records thus far in 2017. Inspired heavily by blues, dance, funk, rock, and pop, the performer has a particularly unique sound unto himself that has garnered him attention and accolades in the indie community. Frankly, there may not be any other artist in the scene that sounds quite like Stone White, which is an extreme rarity.”The Independent Spotlight

“Stone learned from the masters about how having a presence on stage is just as important as the performance. People need to be entertained. Stone is what I call the total package; his music and live shows takes you back to a time when music was pure and real. He reminds us of the nine-piece soul and blues bands that brought the funk and soul. He not only is soulful and funky he has the spirit of a rock and country artist flowing through his bones as well as a fantastic dancer. You can tell he works hard on his craft and every part of what he does has been carefully thought out and he does not put out anything unless it is just right. Stone evokes memories and he creates new experiences with a sense of nostalgia in his music. His experience in the theater also shines through with his performance. This man will execute precise movement as well as style to his action-packed shows.”The Metronome Theory 

“Groove Thang is an accomplished and eclectic record that features 11 original tracks, each exploring a different direction and highlighting the artist’s diverse background and skills as a musician and songwriter. From the most infectious funky grooves to the syncopated rhythms of drum and bass, this album feels like a mix of the best from the past 3 decades of music in all genres, filtered and interpreted through the scope of this performer’s personality and vision.”The Bandcamp Diaries 

“… a thoroughly entertaining record with Groove Thang that’s full of versatility, fun, heart and outrageous talent; a genuinely committed, highly enthusiastic and skilled performer that has the ability to pull you right out of your world and right into the magic of his own.”Sleeping Bag Studios 

“The production is crisp and relevant and highlights every glorious little moment brilliantly. The music has been crafted and performed by a clearly talented and experienced array of musicians, and with each moment that passes Stone White puts every single bit of his heart and soul into his performances.”Stereo Stickman 

“An exercise in funky, energetic and theatrical antics that will force you onto the dance floor. Recording Artist Stone White takes us on a fun, witty, and charismatic journey. There are so many different elements that make Stone White a standout of his kind. From his dancing/choreography abilities and his groove-infused horn section that solidifies his band’s signature sound, this definitely brings us back to an era of music that never died in the first place. In fact, White has put a new spin on it with his high production value and his James Brown and Jamiroquai crossover. This is music we don’t really hear often anymore, and I truly think our friends over at Motown would be enamored by an artist like Stone White. If you’re looking for something fun, refreshing, with energy that will absolutely captivate you without a dull moment, this is for you.”Artist Reach