1. Groove Thang

From the recording Groove Thang

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Groove Thang

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Groove Thang

Make you get on up, hit the dance floor
Gonna leave you breathless, make you beg for more
Turn up the heat, burn the house down
Make everyone scream, hottest jam around

Ain’t nothing but a groove thang
You gotta feel the funk
Ain’t nothing but a groove thang
Make you shake your junk
Ain’t nothing but a groove thang
Dig on the hot sound
Tell everyone you know
It’s about to go down

Don’t call the police, we’re having too much fun
Everyone hitting on it, you know you got to get some
All it takes is a taste, you’ll party all night long
Hands in the air, shouting out this song


(First Verse)


(Repeat Chorus)